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Yalp creates inspirational environments with exercise and play equipment that challenges people of all ages to get moving and have fun. Yalp offers jumble gyms and swings, as well as an outdoor DJ table, a football wall, boot camp equipment, a free-running course and exercise gardens for elderly people. Yalp's goal is to get everyone moving.
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Get everyone moving!

With its new website, Yalp presents itself as a knowledge partner in the field of exercise and play equipment and the development of physical activity zones. All target groups must be surprised, informed and inspired. In this manner, the website brings visitors’ needs and Yalp's solutions together.

Play and exercise concepts for different target groups

Yalp offers exercise and play equipment for various target groups: public spaces, recreation, care facilities and schools. To offer these different markets the best possible quality of service, we formulated archetypes for each market during the strategic phase. We then based the design of the landing pages for each market on the distinct needs of each archetype.

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A clear navigation structure

A good navigation structure ties into the needs of online visitors and guides them to where they want to go on the website with minimal effort. Since the website consists of various layers, we opted to present the navigation structure in the form of a giant menu. We conducted a thorough analysis to differentiate between primary and secondary navigation items. The menu allows visitors to reach any page on the website with just a few clicks.

As the website consists of many different layers, Stimmt made a strategic choice to represent the menu in a similar manner.

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An expansive online catalogue

Yalp offers a wide and diverse range of exercise and play equipment. All of the company's products are shown in the online catalogue. Product information is retrieved externally via an interface, which means Yalp only has to manage this data in a single location.

To make it easier for customers to find what they need among the company's comprehensive selection, we included a filter functionality. Visitors can filter products based on e.g. category, play value and cost.

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A new way to play

The pay-off “A new way to play” refers to our constantly changing and increasingly digital world. The future of play is inclusive, educational, motoric and interactive. Yalp takes the fun of online (indoor) gaming outside, e.g. with the five interactives that the company developed.

These interactives were given a prominent position on the company's new website. Action and reaction, substantive, educational games and tie-in apps make Yalp's interactive play equipment truly unique.

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Yalp thinks along

Designing a play or exercise environment is no easy task. The website helps you out by offering solutions per category and per need. On its new website, Yalp not only shares product information, but also knowledge and expertise. The easy-to-use mobile interface also allows visitors to find the information they are looking for while using a smartphone or tablet.

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Jet Weevers - Sr. Digital Strategist at Stimmt Digital B.V.

Jet Weevers

Sr. Digital Strategist