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SciSports is a fast-growing player on the market of sports statistics and sports data. With its analyses, artificial intelligence and computer models, SciSports serves a growing number of international sports clubs, brokers and other parties in the world of professional football. Stimmt designed and developed the corporate website based on a thorough wireframe process.
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SciSports needed a website that would combine accessible information about the products and the company with a healthy dose of experience. Structure and content needed to be primarily aimed at generating conversion.

Live data player cards

Link to the API of the Insight platform, enabling player data to be displayed real-time on the website.


Informing and kindling enthusiasm, with plenty of space for experience: these are the ingredients that should lead to conversion.

Powerful images in high resolution, interspersed with videos that breathe the company culture of SciSports and give the visitor a taste of what SciSports can do for them.

Smart call-to-actions encourage the user to make contact or submit a specific request.

Throughout the entire process, from wireframes and design to technical realization, Stimmt has the right knowledge and expertise. This know-how, in combination with the short communication lines and active co-creation, has therefore led to a fantastic end result.

Jelle Leenders


During a sophisticated wireframe phase, both user experience and customer flow were examined and optimised. Strong football visuals, developed in cooperation with the preferred graphics agency of SciSports, make the brand experience felt everywhere on the website.

The website targets two groups. For account managers, marketers and consultants of football clubs, the focus is on insight into the possibilities and the various subscription forms offered by the Insight platform, including associated call-to-actions. In addition, the website an important recruitment tool for potential employees. They are motivated and enthused by introducing them to the company culture, and they are inspired via technical content in (blog) articles.

Result and continuation

The website is constantly being further optimised. The further development is done in close consultation with the client through regular meetings.

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Nick Velten

Nick Velten

Director of Growth