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RDC uses data and applications to support companies in their mobility in daily operations and projects. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of RDC were not sufficiently conveyed by their outdated website. Stimmt was tasked to realise a new website that would always immediately and clearly show visitors who RDC is and what RDC can do for businesses.
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From a cumbersome look to an accessible and innovative one

RDC wants to let go of its current slow, cumbersome governmental look. The company wants to establish itself online as a professional and innovative organisation that can help companies in the automotive sector with their business operations through the various solutions they offer. The website should clearly represent various products. On top of that, the support/service RDC offers is of the utmost importance, too.

How can we help you?

The target audience plays a significant role in the decisions made to achieve an optimal digital experience on the RDC website. Key factors include the look and feel, the interactions and the technology required to bring this all about. To make sure Stimmt can facilitate and accelerate these decisions, data was gathered from the target audience.

The RDC target audience can be subdivided into two categories: universal car companies/retailers and corporate businesses. RDC offers a variety of different forms of support to these two groups. To safeguard the structure of the website and to prevent visitors from getting lost online, the RDC service was subdivided into four groups. This way, RDC guides the visitor through the website, gradually narrowing their search funnel in the right direction.

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Logical navigation

The products offered by RDC were subdivided into the following four product lines: Sales and maintenance, Marketing, Data and consultancy and Market and management data. These lines consist of specific products. Thanks to the convenient main navigation interface, visitors can navigate the website easily.

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The RDC service

The new website features a stronger focus on the distinguishing service and the innovative quality RDC offers. The fact that RDC supports automotive businesses in their daily operations is a central theme. Stimmt translated this to an online environment by clearly displaying employees and giving support features, such as the frequently asked questions, among others, a key position.

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Staying up-to-date on the latest RDC news

RDC is an innovative organisation boasting vast amounts of knowledge and expertise. They want to share this knowledge with their visitors through a ‘news’ feature.

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Daniël van Weezep - Business Developer at Stimmt Digital B.V.

Daniël van Weezep

Business Developer