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Pulse is an innovative business partner that helps product, trade and service organisations in the (manufacturing) industry prepare for the future. It does so by improving and supporting business processes with ERP and CRM software (and more), based on the most complete and innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.
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Digital strategy

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Digital development

Client request

Online visitors were not getting the right impression of Pulse. Pulse's unique experience and brand story were not conveyed effectively enough online. The company wanted to get rid of the image of being a technological party and focus more on the fact that it is a long-term strategic business partner. It was therefore time for a new website that placed greater emphasis on e.g. the road towards a digital transformation.

The unique Pulse trifecta

Pulse's years of experience in the sector, its organisational culture and its platform knowledge are an unbeatable combination. This trifecta sets Pulse apart from the competition. We made Pulse's distinctive qualities a point of focus throughout the entire website.

The visitor comes first

A good navigation structure is based around what online visitors want from Pulse and quickly and effortlessly guides them to where they want to go. To realise this, we created archetypes, plotted customer journeys and used task flows to concretise the navigation structure. After this thorough analysis, Stimmt also decided to design the menu in a way that clearly shows the company's various layers. This ensures all visitors can easily find their way around Pulse's website.

“Our renewed website ensures a better match between image and identity. In addition, it places more focus on our expertise, results and what our customers in our industry find important: smart solutions for today’s challenges.
The collaboration with Stimmt went smoothly, thanks in part to the short lines of communication and the involvement of their creative, dedicated professionals. It was a real partnership, which has resulted in a wonderful result and a solid foundation for our future growth.”

Famke Lommen & Gijs Ettes

Solution- and results-oriented communication

Pulse wants to conduct its online communication in a more solution- and result-oriented manner. For that reason, the new website focuses on the challenges and issues that visitors face. This all starts on the homepage itself. It shows that Pulse understands its potential clients and that it can provide a solution to their problems. Pulse is there to guide clients through their digital transformation from start to finish. This expertise is experienced and felt throughout the entire website.

Relevant cases

Pulse's target group wants to know what problems Pulse can solve and how the company has helped out other clients in the past. It is therefore important to direct visitors towards relevant cases as quickly as possible. To realise this, the cases received a prominent position within the website's main navigation structure. In its cases, Pulse places greater emphasis on the solutions to problems, rather than on the technological aspects.

Results and follow-up

Pulse's new website was launched in January of 2021. We will continue to work together over the coming months to further optimise the website and add new functionalities.