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Nedap Identification Systems sets markets in motion with technology that matters. Nedap believes that technology can make an important contribution to solving major problems. That is why the new corporate website is dedicated to offering advice and information, but above all to inspire. Stimmt was responsible for design and development.
Nedap homepage

Digital design

Digital development

Customer request

Nedap asked Stimmt to develop a modern, multilingual and responsive (WordPress) site with an international appeal. With online marketing tools and optimised content, the site should lead to maximum conversion. In consultation with Nedap, two target groups were specified: on the one hand, the orienting end customers and consultants, looking for solutions and inspiration, and on the other hand, the business partners, looking for specific products and technologies.


Inspiring visitors through relevant cases, recognisable situations, insights and blog posts. Mainly focused on the end customers and consultants.


The focus is on the customer flow, from question to answer and then to a contact moment about a specific subject or product. The site is filled with flexible content, such as product pages and inspiring case studies and blog posts. In addition, relevant articles can be added within each individual page, so that the topics and products are as valuable as possible in terms of content.

All Stimmt professionals have a real passion for technology and design. They are enthusiastic, ambitious and flexible. The clear communication and good planning contributed to the success of this extensive project. We are very proud of the end result and look forward to further cooperation!

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Result and continuation

The Nedap website is constantly being further developed and optimised. To this end, brainstorms and evaluation moments take place on a regular basis. Stimmt proactively implements improvements itself, but also receives valuable input from Nedap (and its customers) for further optimisation.

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