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The world's largest and most famous hardcore brand Masters of Hardcore was founded in 1995 as a rebellious answer to the straight-laced music industry. Today - twenty-five years later - Masters of Hardcore is the leading brand for hardcore events, music, performers and merchandise. This calls for a website that not only reflects the distinct image of Masters of Hardcore, but also offers visitors the right functionalities. Stimmt was eager to get to work on this awesome project.
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Products and services

The Masters of Hardcore brand includes events, merchandise and a record label. Using a clear block structure, each of these is represented separately on the website's homepage. From there, visitors can easily navigate to the underlying detailed pages to access more relevant content.

This structure ensures all fields are represented equally and the information provision is properly balanced.

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Together, we are MOH

Masters of Hardcore's dedicated global fan base is prominently featured on the brand's new website. In addition to representing the fans in the media and merchandise, Masters of Hardcore also stimulates interaction with the brand and with other fans by including comment and share points in virtually all areas of the website.

Recurring (managed) user-generated content gives the fans of Masters of Hardcore the podium they deserve and further motivates this tight-knit community.

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Our digital heroes! Creative, excellent communication, tight project management and amazing end results. Highly recommended!

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Branding and experience

Clear branding and a powerful user experience are perhaps the two most important aspects to inspire the design of Masters of Hardcore's new website.

Captivating high-resolution images - interspersed with videos and the characteristic skull from the company's logo as an eye-catcher - exude the Masters of Hardcore experience and give visitors a taste of what to expect.

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Top 100 voting

Every year, Masters of Hardcore creates a Top 100 of the best hardcore tracks to be released that year, based on fans’ votes. Stimmt developed a tamper-proof and easy-to-use voting system that allows visitors to select and submit their five favourite tracks. With almost 10,000 unique votes issued in less than a month, the MOH Top 100 voting of 2019 was a major success.

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Jet Weevers - Sr. Digital Strategist at Stimmt Digital B.V.

Jet Weevers

Sr. Digital Strategist