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If you want to buy a garden partition, is where you go! The success story of this web shop started with no more than a product and the desire to sell online. Stimmt was asked to make that possible, at its own discretion. This resulted in a web shop that is fully focused on ease of use. And successfully so: the planned sales for the first year were achieved within the first three months.
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Digital strategy

Digital design

Digital development

Digital partnership

Customer request

Initially, the online sales were primarily focused on the private market. The customers in this market typically have little product knowledge. That is why we decided to offer the option of ordering complete packages. An easy-to-use ordering process with a lot of relevant information, flexible shipping options, and accessible customer service (among other things, via chat) contribute to an optimal conversion rate.

Package configurator

With custom modules, including a package configurator, the focus is on the ease of ordering a sophisticated product. Even without specific product knowledge, you can easily order a complete garden partition package, including all of the necessary accessories, which are automatically added to the order.


In cooperation with the Internet marketers of AdWise, targets for conversion, transactions and orders were determined. All formulated targets were met, even after they were adjusted upwards in the intervening period.

In short, pleasant communication, super-fast handling of questions and requests make it a successful collaboration/project. By successfully meeting our demands, we have been a very satisfied customer for more than 8 years.

Peter van Merksteijn jr.


Stimmt was responsible for the design and technical realisation of a Magento 2 web shop. The fact that the client gave Stimmt complete freedom made this a unique project. It allowed Stimmt to design the process and product on the basis its own extensive experience. As a result, the available time was used very efficiently and our cooperation with the client was very smooth and pleasant.

Result and continuation

Because of the success in the Netherlands, an international rollout quickly followed. The shop will soon be launched in Germany and the UK. In addition, there turned out to be a great demand from the professional market. A designated, protected area has been created for professionals, focused on their specific needs.

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