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Digital Development

Our strength? Coding. Besides a visually appealing and conveniently set out ‘front-end’, we give it our utmost on the ‘back-end’ to ensure the digital product performs as smoothly as possible. Whether you need a website, web shop, portal, intranet or other tailored application: we’ll construct it exactly to your specific requirements.

Ready, set, launch

Supported by the very latest trends and developments, we hone the design into an outstanding user-friendly digital product which works efficiently and smoothly on every screen. We closely monitor security, traffic and scalability and never forget to ensure your digital product is future proof and convertible.

Supported by the very latest trends and developments, we hone the design into an outstanding user-friendly digital product

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Always look further

Our specialists always look well beyond the immediate horizon. For example, if you need to link with a discrete system or wish to integrate existing software, then Stimmt can of course take care of this for you. In the process we’ll also research the ideal domain name and appropriate hosting. Taken together this forms part of the process development: making certain that the delivered code is presented in the optimum manner. Testing is not simply a box-ticking exercise for us, at Stimmt we meticulously test everything; the only way to guarantee everyone’s satisfaction upon launch.

What we’ve realized


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Modern and multilingual corporate WordPresswebsite

Nedap Identification Systems moves markets with technology that matters. The development of a new corporate WordPress website is all about advising, informing and inspiring. The result: a modern and multilingual WordPress site with an international appearance.

The tools we use

A website, webshop, portal, intranet or any other custom application: with the rich knowledge of our experts and the use of smart tools, Stimmt ensures optimal performance of the digital product.


Discover our other services

which bring your digital products to the next level

Our services

Digital Strategy


Based on clear, verifiable insights we create successful digital solutions.

  • Online strategies
  • Dashboards
  • Conversion optimization

Digital Design


We design an effective interface, starting from the user’s experience and perceptions.

  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Webdesign
  • UI & UX design
  • Interaction design
  • Animations

Digital Development


We ensure that the ‘back-end’ of the digital product performs to perfection.

  • Websites, web applications & webshops
  • Custom platforms en portals
  • Integrations with external software / APIs
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • Proces optimization
  • Hosting & domain names

Digital Partnership


We further our quest for the optimum digital experience, to enable the user to convert (rapidly) and enjoy that pleasurable brand experience.

  • Support
  • Conversion optimization
  • Animation finetuning
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