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First impressions count. Using a well-considered client route complemented by strong design aesthetic, Stimmt ensures that your clients will become genuinely enthusiastic about your website, web shop or web application. As well as logical navigation, strong visuals also exert a significant influence on how visitors perceive your digital products. Design directs, drives and influences. This is why Stimmt strives for eye-catching designs; visuals your target group will find irresistible.

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We design an effective interface inspired by the user's experiences.

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Everything is just right

We construct wireframes to ensure the structure, lay-out, navigation and functionalities of the new website, web shop or web application are absolutely correct. These wireframes describe the digital product’s construction and provide a clear overarching view of how all the pages and other elements are linked. For the end user of course the navigation must prove as logical as possible.

With the user’s experience and perception as paramount we move onto designing a perfect user interface. This process is integral to the weave of a project, not merely wallpapered on top as an afterthought. We design with a purpose: to give form to an idea, create impact and set down an experience. This is where strong copy, branding and visual design blend. We fashion the appropriate atmosphere, befitting your identity and appealing directly to your visitors.