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Fitting technology and kick ass design

Velten Media becomes Stimmt

Press release: After more than ten years, the internet agency Velten Media from Hengelo will continue under the name Stimmt as of 1 February. Founder Nick Velten explains: “Our culture and passion have remained the same over the past ten years, but everything else has changed. New clients, new people, more experience. Looking at where we are now, it was time for a name and an image that matched that.”

Structure, technology & design

The new name has been carefully chosen, Nick explains: "Our customers know us as a party that offers quality and works in a very structured manner. What we do and what we make is spot-on. Hence Stimmt, which stands for ‘correct’ or ‘right’. But it is precisely by using a German term that we give it an interesting twist, we make it very distinct. The new design reinforces that: energetic, prominent, enthusiastic. Exactly as we are ourselves, both as people and in our work.”

" We've grown simply by doing what we liked. "


Digital awesomeness

Experience plays an important role in the new expressions of Stimmt. Nick: "Our added value lies in the combination of the right technology and kick-ass design. We call it 'digital awesomeness', the ultimate digital brand experience. If we deliver an online platform, it must be a natural extension to the brand experience: regardless of whether it is a company, festival, product or artist. Technology and design support this.”

Since last year the daily management of the agency is in the hands of Danny de Wit. "The development of the agency has so far been very organic," he says. "In recent years we’ve grown simply by doing what we liked. What we did, we did well. We have always been very critical in this. We have become a mature agency with fifteen professionals and a second office in Amsterdam. Our spontaneous days are behind us, it was time to work more from a strategy perspective. The rebranding is a logical step in this, something we can build on.

The agency has a strong ambition, says Danny: "We want to grow significantly in terms of size in the coming years. That's why we put a lot of energy into finding and coaching up-and-coming talent. I think we offer young designers and developers an ideal working and learning environment.

Set goals and continue to develop

Stimmt currently works for approximately 150 clients, including Nedap, Van Merksteijn, Freshtival, Buurtzorg, Sigmax, Switch and Sam Feldt. Due to the increasing digitisation, service provision has changed in recent years, Nick says. "The delivery of a website is no longer the endpoint, but much more the beginning. Continue to develop, set goals and make adjustments. For us this may mean that we will work for fewer clients, but we will build much more intensive and long-term relationships. As a digital agency, we really want to help clients achieve their goals; that's where the focus lies.”

Official new company name: Stimmt Digital B.V.

More information?

Do you want to know more about our rebranding, relocation or growth plans? Contact Nick Velten.

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