Looking for kick-ass interns.

Stimmt is always looking for new talent. Every internship period, we therefore offer multiple internship positions in the fields of design, front-end and back-end development. If you think you would make a valuable addition to our team in some other way, we would love to hear about it as well!

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Stage: Web Design

As a designer at Stimmt, your work consists of wireframing and designing websites, webshops and custom applications for our clients. You work together closely with several colleagues who will share their wealth of design tips and tricks with you during your internship.

As a designer, you love finding the perfect colour, style, typography, visuals, etcetera. You keep tinkering with the various elements until you are completely satisfied with the design you created. During the design process, you can spar about your ideas with other designers in order to achieve the best possible end result.


Stage: Frontend Development

As a front-end developer at Stimmt, you focus on translating amazing designs into functional websites or webshops. You work together closely with various colleagues who will check your code and provide input during the technical realisation of a project.

As a front-end developer, you love nothing more than turning the ideas of our designers or clients into a technical reality. You critically evaluate the designs and strive to realise them as accurately as possible. You make sure the technical aspects function flawlessly and add animations to make everything look even more amazing.


Stage: Backend Development

As a back-end developer at Stimmt, your work has you translating complex issues into suitable solutions. You collaborate closely with your colleagues to discuss, verify and improve the solutions together. This allows you to hone your critical thinking skills and teaches you how to tackle challenging issues as efficiently as possible.

As a back-end developer, you do not rest until the solution has been optimised and everything works exactly as intended. You want your solutions to be stable, robust and user-friendly. You make sure they will continue to function properly for years to come and are easy to maintain by your colleagues and yourself.