Mensen op Oude Markt in Enschede

A completely redesigned Visit Enschede website with extensive calendar functionality

The city of Enschede is represented by Enschede Promotie for city marketing, tourism and events. Enschede Promotie is a major contributer to the economic growth of this important city in Twente.

Uit in Enschede samenwerking
Uit in Enschede samenwerking

The website ‘Visit Enschede’ (‘Uit in Enschede’ in Dutch) is a key tool and the current website was due for an update. Its technical viability was too limited and it no longer sufficiently matched the strategic goals that Enschede Promotie wants to achieve online. Stimmt was asked to develop a new and future-proof platform!

Content is king

The ‘Visit Enschede’ website has an inspiring and informative purpose. Tourists, Enschede residents and other important target audiences for the city should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. To achieve this in a clear manner, we chose Craft as the content management system.

Craft has been developed on the basis of the ‘content first’ principle and is therefore very well suited to complex websites with a lot of content. During technical development, we naturally also took into account the considerable content needs by building separate pages, which provides a lot of flexibility for building pages in the back-end.

Merging multiple websites

Another important condition for the development of the new website was the merger of multiple websites ( in three languages and in two languages). Based on a well-thought-out Strategy & Wireframe phase, we laid the foundation for a logical structure for the new website to combine the information needs of both platforms into something new.

Uit in Enschede samenwerking

The Enschede brand

Using the brand guide of the Municipality of Enschede as a guideline, we developed the design, making as much use of our creative freedom as possible within the set frameworks. One very important aspect was the website’s accessibility – a prerequisite for us in every new project, but also a crucial requirement for the Municipality of Enschede.

Customisation within the calendar feature

Naturally, everyone wants to know what there is to do in Enschede! With many hundreds of events planned in the municipality, the calendar feature was crucial for the technical realisation. With a nice bit of customisation, we were able to build a very complex calendar plug-in, which makes it easy to add new events in the back-end and offers visitors the opportunity to quickly filter them by characteristics such as type or date. Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Then use the search feature! Everything in the design is aimed at providing the most user-friendly experience possible!

We are happy with the final result! And we look forward to developing the website further in partnership with you. Here’s to many more great things!

- Diede Hofhuis

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