Ter Steege samenwerking

A brand new Magento 2 webshop for Ter Steege

Ter Steege is the go-to B2B supplier of pots, lifestyle products and souvenirs. As a major international player, Ter Steege sells its wide and varied product range to e.g. garden centres, florists, wholesalers and DIY stores. Ter Steege's products are manufactured based on proprietary designs at production sites in Asia and Portugal. Driven by the company's ambition to further expand its online sales, it was time to close the outdated webshop and introduce a brand-new Magento 2 webshop.

Ter Steege samenwerking
Ter Steege samenwerking

Online and offline combined

With its new Magento 2 webshop, Ter Steege wants to offer the same quality of service to online clients as it does to offline customers. In the company's own words, the new webshop is designed to be “a platform that allows Ter Steege - more than ever before - to offer clients the excellent service they deserve. It is not just an ordinary webshop and much more than a simple online store front. Rather, it is a complete overview of our products and services, where online and offline come together.” Ter Steege wants to appeal to and inspire its various target groups in a unique way. The goal is to generate more online sales by making it as easy as possible for clients to find their way around the webshop and place their orders.

Tailor-made integrations

The new webshop had to be seamlessly integrated into the company's existing business operations. We therefore developed tailor-made integrations using UNIT4's ERP Agresso Wholesale and Beeyond's MDM.

Myriad different properties

Product information is retrieved directly from Ter Steege's MDM in real time. To create an optimal user experience, clients can find all relevant product information in the webshop itself.

Ter Steege samenwerking

Working together was a fantastic experience! Despite the complex nature of the project, Stimmt's team managed to satisfy all our wishes and implement all requirements. Thank you so much for your boundless positivity and effort.

- Petra Wilbrink

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