A very well converting WordPress website for Sportmonks

Sportmonks is the partner for fast and reliable sports data and APIs. Sportmonks provides sports data to both individuals and companies worldwide. The data is used to create a livescore website, betting website, mobile app, game or other application. The football, Formula 1 and cricket sport data is delivered through an API that customers can implement on their website or application.

Sportmonks samenwerking
Sportmonks samenwerking

Fast, reliable and an attractive offer

On the old website of Sportmonks, visitors were not approached and informed effectively. The customer journey was not well thought out and the right calls to action were missing in key places. Sportmonks wanted a new website that would immediately capture the visitor with the right online experience, brand story and an attractive offer. Among other things, creating a sense of trust (by exuding professionalism) was a must to boost conversion.

The partner for sports data

SportMonks offers different subscription types: a Free plan, a European plan, a WorldWide plan and an Enterprise plan. Each subscription type distinguishes between basic, standard and advanced features. Stimmt's challenge was to present this online, in a clear and transparent way, enabling visitors to swiftly choose and take out their ideal plan.

User-friendly (and clear) display

The data offered with the various plans must be clearly outlined. We have achieved this by presenting this in the form of tables.

Sportmonks has a lot to say on the football, cricket, and Formula 1 overview page. We have therefore divided the content into different sections and made these sections easily accessible for the visitor based on anchor links.

Sportmonks samenwerking

Visual elements that match the identity

The visual shown here was created by Studio VIBE. It was up to us to translate this house style into a robust and well thought-out web design. During the design phase, we added a few style elements that Sportmonks used in both their online and offline communications.
Using the visuals made by Sportmonks, our designer also began to design new style elements. These elements now contribute to an enhanced brand experience on the Sportmonks website.

An innovative and progressive party

The sleek interface should contribute to Sportmonks being seen as a young, innovative and forward-thinking party. In addition, the entire package must radiate confidence and professionalism. The combination of these elements ensures that the visitor gets a good feeling about the Sportmonks brand, increasing the conversion rate.

My Sportmonks

In the MySportmonks environment, customers have insight into and can edit their data and plan. The style of the new website is seamlessly carried through into the design for MySportmonks. This ensures that not only the website, but also the MySportmonks environment effectively conveys the experience of the brand.

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