Samenwerking Moore MKW

KroeseWevers, Moore MTH and UTP continue together as Moore MKW!

The merger of KroeseWevers with Moore MTH and UTP called for a new website. KroeseWevers, Moore MTH and UTP will continue together under the new name Moore MKW. The new site had to represent the three brands' partnership with a completely new look.

Moore KMW samenwerking
Moore KMW samenwerking

In 2023, Stimmt took over the maintenance of KroeseWevers' Craft CMS website. `Since the KroeseWevers website was still in good condition, we chose to reuse the basis of that site for the new Moore MKW site. This saved a lot of time and therefore costs, and made it so that Moore MKW did not have to reinsert all the content, as we kept the CMS.

Since the front-end of the website needed a completely new look, we rewrote all the CSS/HTML. The new website is now fully aligned with Moore MKW’s new corporate identity.

Work-with-us environment

While creating the new website, we also set up a separate work-with-us environment. It can be viewed at This environment offers Moore MKW space to appeal to different potential employees and share more about what working at Moore MKW entails. Since we have incorporated two separate systems, Moore MKW can simply give employees access to one of them. For example, recruiters only have access to the work-with-us environment.

Moore KMW samenwerking

Integration with Spotler

We also established a connection with Spotler for newsletter subscriptions, among other things. All newsletter subscriptions are sent directly to Spotler.

Many tests were conducted by different employees at Moore MKW. It is a large website with a lot of content, but thanks to the several rounds of feedback, everything looks very sleek. The site’s security was also thoroughly tested through a penetration test. Furthermore, all photos within the site are hosted in an external environment (namely Amazon Web Services), which positively affects the site’s performance.

We are fortunate to have you as our partner. Thanks in part to your fantastic contributions, Moore MKW has taken off!


 - Janneke Kreijkers

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