A completely redesigned headless website for iDEAL with Craft CMS

Everyone knows iDEAL, the online payment method for completing purchases at your favourite online stores. More than 1.2 billion payments are made through iDEAL in the Netherlands each year!

iDEAL samenwerking
iDEAL samenwerking

Currence, the company behind iDEAL, iDIN, Incassomachtigen and Acceptgiro was looking for a partner to create the new corporate website for iDEAL. The previous website was very outdated and they were looking for a new digital solution with a new, sleek design that also met their security requirements.

Flexible and user-friendly with Craft Headless

A great challenge that we were happy to take on. We chose to develop the new corporate website with a headless approach in Craft CMS. The big difference between a traditional CMS (Content Management System) and a headless

CMS is that in a traditional CMS, the back-end and front-end are intertwined.

With a headless CMS, the front-end is separated from the back-end, which means you have flexibility with regards to which CMS you decide to connect to the back-end. This means that in future, you can retain the front-end even if you wish to set up the back-end differently.

This solution also has a very positive impact on the resulting performance of the platform.

Moreover, we like working with Craft CMS because of its simple interface, easy-to-use functionalities and user-friendly admin environment. This means that the insertion of content for iDEAL has been made very easy and highly flexible, without a need for technical (or even coding) knowledge.

iDEAL samenwerking

Clear menu with multiple services

It was important that the new website would highlight iDEAL’s four products clearly. The menu was therefore designed to be decidedly visual and differs from a standard menu solution. The various services that iDEAL offers are displayed in a visual

way, making them easy for the visitor to scan. The illustrations included in the iDEAL corporate identity have also been given a more prominent position, which results in a better sense of overview and improved recognition.

Collaboration with Huray and EigenFabrikaat

Huray is the label within the Loyals Group that focuses on growth marketing. In collaboration with iDEAL, Huray laid the strategic foundation for the future of the brand. Based on this input, we started working on the web designs. Some aspects, such as the use of different shades of blue, were already established as part of iDEAL’s new proposition, but there was still plenty of room to create an online ‘style’. We have incorporated the curves of the recognisable iDEAL logo in various other places, such as in images and buttons.

The agency Eigen Fabrikaat was involved in developing the campaigns and the images we used on the website.

We are very proud of the result: a website that will serve iDEAL well for years to come, that meets the latest technical and graphic standards and is completely headless!

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